Our Adoption Story

Our adoption story isn't a complicated one and it isn't to dramatic , but it's one worth telling and sharing because it brought a beautiful little girl into our lives. We have been together as a couple since 1995. We married on 2001 and began the process of starting a family in 2003.

After years of trials and tribulations we asked ourselves one question ...is it more important for us to be pregnant or to be parents?
Duh ..a parent !

In 2006 we began to talk about our other options. Adoption being number one and CHINA being the place to go. We felt the China program and the security of the China program was the way to go for us. We researched and went to many meetings with agencies and finally after a year of "thinking" we had a course of action. China or bust!  At that time the timeline to a baby girl from China was to be 12-18 months. Well that didn't quite turn out as planned , does it ever in adoption world?
(See our timeline for more details)
The wait kept getting longer and longer and in fact we would still be waiting if we hadn't changed to the waiting child/special needs program. After researching what is considered special needs in China we truly felt we needed to change our direction. We have such a beautiful little girl who is special indeed. And we are blessed beyond our wildest dreams.

We were matched with Lia in August 2010 and flew to meet her in Guangzhou in October of 2010. Lia was born in March of 2010 in Yangchun China and was taken to the Yangchun SWI and the House of Grace (foster home) when she was 2 days old. She was cared for in the HOG by a wonderful New Zealand woman , Sandra for 6 1/2 months, until we could come get her. Our trip to China was amazing and such a great experience. We were there for 14 days and enjoyed getting to know Lia's beautiful culture and birth country.  

Years of waiting paid off because we believe she was meant to be ours and we were meant to be hers. Nothing has ever been more clear to us- WE BELONG TOGETHER.

We can't believe how it all has worked out and how well we all fit together. We can't say enough about how much our family, friends and agency blessed us and made this all possible. A lot of people here in the States and in China helped us bring Lia home! It really does take a village, especially when it comes to adoption.

Yes, adoption is a journey of ups and downs. BUT in the end we have exactly what we were looking for ...a little girl that brightens our days and nights and calls us Mommy and Daddy and we are a family. God blessed our broken road and led us straight to Lia and we truly believe:
Even Miracles Take a Little Time!!! 

~ Ally and Jim and Lia too !!!

Our agency www.ccaifamily.org

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