Sunday, April 9, 2017

No fooling ...

It's April and that's no joke!! 
We have been keeping busy the past few weeks. 

Lia got a pet for her birthday. 
She wanted a pet for so long ...but not a dog, not a cat and not a snake! 
Introducing Violet Lily 
Who knew such a little fish could be so much work!?!?!

We took a tour of a candy factory and met the Easter Bunny! 
We've had living room picnics, because its Ohio and we have weird weather.
There have been a handful of nice days so..... this is happening 
Lia got a little comfortable and brave and had her first fall off the bike, resulting in a scrapped knee.
Nothing big. 
A little band-aid, ice pack and a cherry Popsicle fixed it right up! 
We are looking forward to some time outside. 
Nice spring weather, cooking out and riding bikes more. 

Being inside all the time is making us a little stir crazy 
You can only play war so many times in a day!!! 

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