Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Let's catch up!!!

Has it been months since we blogged? 
Why YES, yes it has. 
 We have been gone from this space for a while because - 
Life gets busy...
The blogging app on my phone no longer works 
we all got sick. 

So here it is, the past few months in pictures

January 2017
Celebrating Chinese New Year 
We went to see Snow White - the play at the Children's Theater 
Recreating Snow White at home
February 2017
Swim lessons begin which = less freaking out for us parents at the pool this summer
Winter colds and sinus infections hit our house hard this winter and 
for the 1st time ever, Lia has the stomach flu.
It was about 3 weeks of yuckiness in our house
Don't let that cute little smile fool you! She was miserable. 
And the movie Trolls has been on constant repeat for weeks
Lia had her 100th day of school and dressed up like she was 100 years old :)
March 2017
March is a big fun month in our house because - 
Lia turns 7

We have had 0 snow days this year
Used our snow blower 0 times
We have built 0 snowmen
and have a new pair of NEVER worn snow boots in the box for Lia
The weather at the beginning of the month was warm and awesome so we did this...
Lia got her 1st bike. 
We are still making adaptions to her bike so it is easier for her to learn to ride. 
Balancing with one had while steering is hard. 
So we are trying to find ways to help make this easier!

The weather now is FREEZING so lots of this
We had fun at her school Spring Bash
There were games, a cake walk and friends

Cupcakes make her SO happy!

So that brings us current.
Lots going on
A big 7th birthday celebration coming up
And we are ready to get outside and learn to ride a bike

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