Sunday, August 21, 2016

1st grade and other happenings

Summer's over... 
First grade started last week! You read that right 1st grade. There may have been a few tears shed, but not by Lia mind you.  
First grade in our district means all day. After six years of being with her Oma and Opa ( at least 1/2 the day) Lia will spend all day at school. She's asked a few times if school is always long?! 
Oh yes Lia it is ... for the next 12 years!! Needless to say this will be an adjustment - for us ALL. 
Lia did great. We are so blessed to have a special teacher this year. She is wonderful. And posts lots of pictures throughout the day. (That helps this mama breathe a little easier)
Here are a few of the first few days. 
And the kids came up with what they would like their teacher to be like this year! Adorable!! 
In other news ....
Look who lost her two front teeth! 
We just love this toothless smile and little lisp. 
We are off to enjoy this beautiful day. 
We plan to read and relax. 
And maybe nap on the porch. 


  1. ooh all day is a big transition! I'm giggling at whoever said the teacher should be athletic.

  2. Wishing miss a great first grade year! Happy Weekend!