Friday, July 1, 2016

Summer beach trip

Our beach trip in pictures ... 

I can't let the June get away from us without writing about our trip to the beach! 

Back to Sanibel Island we went. 
It's like our home away from home after 20+ years of going there. In fact Lia calls it her "third home" - our house is #1, Oma and Opas is #2 and Sanibel is #3!! 

So... Here's our beach trip.. In pictures 

Our 4am departure came way too early .. 

... But a quick 2 hour flight and we are on vacation- at the beach- in the sand and sun!! 
Playing in the sand and swimming all day leads to napping for a certain little girl. 
The week was filled with food, fun, ice cream and swimming! 
Lots of swimming 
Did I mention ice cream ??? 
We had a few shell hunting adventures on the beach. Lia found lots of treasures! 

It was a relaxing vacation! We will cherish the memories we made and talk about the beach for weeks to come. 

We had a great time 

And can't wait to go back next summer 

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