Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A beautiful weekend

This past weekend was a weekend of celebrating! 
There was so much going on in one little weekend in May - 

We celebrated Jims' brother Danny getting ordained as a deacon
We celebrated with 3 days of food and getting together with family from near and far. I can only imagine next year when he becomes a priest the celebration will be even bigger! 

Congratulations Danny- in the words of Lia- "My Uncle Danny is kind of a big deal" 

Our nephews became college grads... 
And celebrated their birthday as well. 
Congrats Michael and Ryan 

We celebrated our moms over the weekend too! It was after all Mother's Day :) 

Other than that we've just been hanging out 

Lia only has 16 more days until summer break ... But who's counting!! 
Beach vacation here we come

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  1. "My Uncle Danny is kind of a big deal" how cute. Congrats to him! Fun to get together to celebrate family.