Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Day at the Fair

As summer winds down and we get ready for school to start we have a few last outings planned! 

First up - The Ohio State Fair. 

We got there early & got the BEST parking spot ever. Literally we parked about 25 yards from the Midway entrance. 

We started with donuts and chocolate milk - the breakfast of champions. 

We rode the Giant Slide at least a half dozen times 

And Lia rode just about every ride on the Midway. 

We drank our weight in iced tea and got sun on our faces! 
Lia had a blast feeding all the animals carrots at the petting zoo. 

Lia was thrilled (insert wink) when we made her stand with Ickey Woods and show him her Ickey shuffle. 

I think we say this every year but this year was the best! 
We had so much fun at the 2015 Ohio State Fair. 

And just because - 
A sky ride selfie to end the day. 
Until next year! 


  1. oooh how fun! I have good memories doing fairs as a kid but they just look so shady now. Although I've been wanting to go to the big 'space coast' one and I just never ever hear that it is in town until months later...every year. I always think it is in the fall and it comes in the spring, or something like that. This is why I have to write things down. I miss out on all the fun, esp that big slide =) Always enjoyed those.

  2. Fun! Lia's the perfect age for enjoying all the rides. Looks like she had a blast. The LA fair hasn't started yet, and I'm really hoping we get a chance to go before we move. Donuts are usually our first stop too :)