Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Road to Recovery - The Tonsil Chronicles

Lia is feeling MUCH better - now
Let me say one more time: 
Having your tonsils out is NO FUN. 

I am not sure what I expected but ... 

Let's pick up where we left off, shall we? 

Day 6: 
Trying to smile eating ice from Sonic
See that ladybug nightlight?
It was a lifesaver!!
Thanks to Bright Time Buddies.

Day 7
It's true - it gets worse before it gets better

Day 8
Still in PJ's and on the couch to sleep
Maybe some cool mist will help that throat

Day 9 
Still in PJ's but smiling again
Eating a Popsicle in her new favorite nightgown 

Day 10
Look who got dressed and is out for a short walk
We are starting to turn the corner 

Day 11
Dressed and having a tea party 
That's one way to stay hydrated 

Day 12
Catching up on all that sleep she missed the past 12 days

Day 13
Starting to eat real food 

Day 14
Lia's Christmas in July box came with all kinds of goodies to 
put a smile back on this sweet face

After day 14 things were much better 
we went from this to this. 

Things we want to remember about the surgery experience and recovery:

- Children's Hospital was fantastic
Being woken up every 3 hrs for medicine and vitals not so much
-It took Lia 12-14 days to recover
day 10-11 was our turning point
-Day 1 and 2 were the best
-Day 3 - 11 were rough
-Day 6-8 were the worst
-Lia took medicine every 3 hrs for 7 days
but took Advil every 6 hrs for 10 days
-She started sleeping through the night about day 10
every other night she was up every 3-5 hours with pain and for medicine
-Once she could sleep she took naps every day for hours and slept 10 hrs a night (at least)
-The liquid pain medicine she took was sour and burned her throat
but we couldn't function without it
- She was very emotional once the pain medicine stopped at day 7
the weepy-ness lasted 3 days
- Red Popsicles were her favorite
-She ate peach ice cream almost every day for breakfast
- She loved the ice from Sonic (they sell 5lb bags)
-Fruit Punch CapriSun's tasted the best
-She was allowed to drink from straws
- She ate chocolate pudding a lot (thanks Oma)
-She watched TV like it was her job
- Wonder Pets and Earth to Luna were her favorite shows to watch
-She slept better in an upright position on the couch
w/ a cool mist elephant humidifier blowing on her face
- Lucinda the Lady Bug ( nightlight) and Pinkie the Owl (stuffed animal)
were her comfort items
-Lia lost 2-4 lbs
-Jim was on vacation and able to stay home with Lia for 10 days - what a blessing

Lastly - in case I forgot to mention it

Monday, July 27, 2015

Christmas in July exchange

  Did you know that there are only 
150 days 12 hours 45min and 45sec 

And that means

Lia and I participated in a Christmas in July Gift Exchange
Hosted by Courtney, Elizabeth, Jamie & Amanda

Thank you so much to Brooke and Kinley, they had Lia in our exchange and 
Lia's gift could not have come at a better time! 

Lia's package arrived just as she was beginning to feel better from her 
recent tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. 
Look at that happy little face
Lia had so much fun opening all of her gifts

Lia got sidewalk chalk and a glow stick princess crown

Nail polish for our nail spa days 

And everything she would need to make cupcakes

The "sprinklers" were her favorite thing!
They also served as a maraca :)

 Later that evening Lia wanted to add sprinkles to her sundae 
So, here it is... 
Lia's Sprinkle Sundae Surprise 
Surprise ... she used 1/4 of the bottle on her sundae!!

Thank you again Brooke and Kinley ~ 
It was the perfect box for Lia

Lia and I had Ez and Baby Declan to shop for. 
Let me just say shopping for a little boy(s) is 
We tried to stick with the theme of 
THINGS THAT GO for Ez - he is a big fan of cars.   

I forgot to take pictures of our box we sent so head over to Ez and Declans' 
Mommy's blog- Nina @ The Joni Journey to see their fun gifts.

Thank you so much ladies for hosting such a fun mid-summer exchange.
Sweet Turtle Soup

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Our little patient

It's surgery and recovery time
Lia had her tonsils and adenoids out last Thursday. 

We are on 5 days post op 

I cannot believe the parents that said 
"Oh it's so easy when they are young" 
Um... Nope it's not! Every 3 hours we are giving some type of medicine and there are tears. It may be easier than if your older but it's far from easy. 

I cannot believe the parents that said "My little one ate fries and nuggets during recovery" 
Um...Nope! We are lucky if Lia wants to swallow let alone eat. 

Lia is on a steady diet of; 
Ice Cream - peach 
Noodle soup 
Ice cubes 
Ice Cream - peach 
You get the idea! 

Having your tonsils out is hard. 

Let's recap the last 5 days with pictures; 

The early morning walk to admissions 
Follow that blue path! 

Pre -op 
Look at that sweet face 

Post Op 

We are blessed to be so close to a wonderful Children's Hospital

Going Home - Day 1 

Day 2 

Day 3 

Day 4 

Day 5 

We are hoping to turn the corner very soon~ we know Lia is ready! 
Because having your tonsils out is hard