Monday, June 22, 2015

Lia funnies

Lia has said some funny things in the past week or so. 

And because this is our way of recording memories and because I as of late I find myself a little more forgetful.. (I do not know what that is about) 
It's best I "write" them down now! 

1- While on vacation Jim walked into the room with his cycling shoes on and Lia looked up from her book and said - 
" Dad, you think you're so smart in those shoes!" 

2- As I was saying goodnight to Lia for the 100th time a few nights ago our conversation went as follows:

ME: "Lia - we have a big day tomorrow. 
You know what big girls do at night?" 

LIA: " Yeah - they eat sandwiches" 

3- Lia and I were talking about what Daddy would like for Fathers Day for a special gift. 
She came up with may ideas like 
a new car 
a card 
a picture 
a new bike
I mentioned that maybe he would like beer. 
She thought I said a bear. 
Jim is now a proud owner of a soft brown Teddy Bear named 
(Guess who got to name him too?)  

Straight from the mouths of babe!!