Monday, June 22, 2015

Lia funnies

Lia has said some funny things in the past week or so. 

And because this is our way of recording memories and because I as of late I find myself a little more forgetful.. (I do not know what that is about) 
It's best I "write" them down now! 

1- While on vacation Jim walked into the room with his cycling shoes on and Lia looked up from her book and said - 
" Dad, you think you're so smart in those shoes!" 

2- As I was saying goodnight to Lia for the 100th time a few nights ago our conversation went as follows:

ME: "Lia - we have a big day tomorrow. 
You know what big girls do at night?" 

LIA: " Yeah - they eat sandwiches" 

3- Lia and I were talking about what Daddy would like for Fathers Day for a special gift. 
She came up with may ideas like 
a new car 
a card 
a picture 
a new bike
I mentioned that maybe he would like beer. 
She thought I said a bear. 
Jim is now a proud owner of a soft brown Teddy Bear named 
(Guess who got to name him too?)  

Straight from the mouths of babe!! 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Fathers Day

Today is a day we celebrate the special men in our lives! 

To Opa/My Daddy; 
Thank you for loving your family and our special little girl the way you do and for showing our family what unconditional love truly means. 

To Jim/Daddy
You are a wonderful father to our daughter. You are the light of her life. Your sense of humor can make a difficult situation a little lighter. And your strength and love for our little family is inspiring. 

We are so blessed to have both of you in our lives. 
We love you very much and couldn't have asked God for better men to love us 

Happy Fathers Day!! 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Beach- Sanibel Island

Ah! Vacation - a time to relax, reconnect and recharge our batteries after a long Ohio winter. 

We just got back from the beautiful island of Sanibel. We had a great vacation! Our family motto for the week was; 
It's ok.. We are on a vacation!! 
No matter what the "problem" that's what we said! 

Lia LOVED the pool 

She loved the ocean - after a day or two of looking at it. 

And she loved her new mermaid friends 
Rosie, Molly and Maria .. And baby flamingo 

She called Oma - Master Chef all week 

And we called her - Master Eater all week.  
We think swimming makes her hungry! 

Get ready for pictures! Here they come - 

Spying on the neighbors, Lia? I wonder where she gets that from?
Ahem.. Opa! 

Just out shopping 

Beach and golf cart selfies 

How many times in one week can we eat ice cream? That was our challenge this year 

We got photo bombed a lot - guess who? 

Jim and I celebrated our anniversary - 14 years of marriage - time flies! 

We got dressed up and ate out a lot 

And maybe even napped at dinner too 

We visited Captiva 

We saw some spectacular storms! It is Florida in June after all 

We can't wait to go back! Bye for now Sanibel. We'll see you next year!