Saturday, May 16, 2015

Our Weekly Adventures

This week marked the last day of preschool, Mothers Day and some random things in between! 

Mothers Day was relaxing and special. Lia planned what she wanted my "special day" to be like weeks in advance. Huh, wonder where she gets that from? 
Lia wanted to get me flowers and go out to a fancy spaghetti dinner! So that's just what we did. 
This was her face when the lemon cheesecake we ordered for dessert came 
This week was also the last day of preschool - ever! Next year she is going to Kindergarten! 

First day of school - Sept 2014
Last day of school May 2015 
What a big change this school year was

Lia had an appointment with an ENT this week and it looks like adenoids and tonsils are coming out for this little one over summer break. 

We are in the process of a kitchen makeover. And by we, I mean Jim - is doing all the work and Lia and I are helping clean! 

Don't you clean wearing butterfly wings too?! 

And just because messy morning hair is still cute when your 5 .... 

Can't wait to see what adventures we get into next week! 


  1. A fancy spaghetti dinner! Sign me up for that one! Yum. Aria however doesn't eat pasta. No matter how many times mom says it is super delish =)

  2. Almost ready for kindergarten??? How time flies!

    I really like the Valerie Harper quote you post, too.