Monday, May 25, 2015

Doctor Doctor

Our week in review - the Dr appointment version and then some! 

Dr appointment #1 - 5 year check-up. 4 shots - 1 sad little girl but... 
... After her check up we went to Chick Fil A, got a green balloon, a new book, flowers and a vanilla shake. 
It's how we roll around here! She may just get a pony after surgery this summer. 

Yep surgery this summer - tonsils and adenoids. Boo hiss - 
that brings me to Dr appointment #2
After meeting an ENT (the 2nd one in 1 week) at Childrens Hospital for a second opinion it was determined Lia would need surgery. We are a lot more comfortable with Dr. El doing her surgery and his plan so we are scheduled for surgery in July. 

Then comes Dr appointment #3 
I think being in all those Dr offices in one week lead to an eye infection. A few days of eye drops and she's on the mend. 

We were able to go to Grandmas over the weekend and celebrate Memorial Day

And hang out in Uncle Johnnys cool car 

We ended the long weekend with a cookout at Oma and Opas house! Had a dance party on their patio with cousins and fell out of bed .... 
... and bumped her head and eye! 
NO Dr appointment nesscary - this time


  1. Ouch! She's taking it on the chin (figuratively speaking) so far this summer! Hope she makes it through the surgery OK. I had my tonsils out when I was six and STILL remember it... and not in a good way.

  2. Well, that is a ton of up and downs in this post! boo shots...yay eye infection...yay holiday falling out of bed.