Monday, April 6, 2015

Our Easter

We had a beautiful Easter Weekend

We started by baking egg cut outs on Good Friday - Lia is still hanging onto a sinus infection so we didn't share these with anyone!! 

Saturday we colored Easter eggs! 
24 eggs in about 1 minute!! 
She was SO busy she wouldn't even look up for a picture :) 

On Sunday we waited for Lia aka Princess Sleepyhead to wake up at 9am!! 
She woke up to find her basket and 29 eggs filled with prizes. 

We got ready and went to church 

We got to church early so a quick dance routine was is order 
Bravo Lia!!! 

We opened the Mass with Jesus Christ has risen today-  Lia's favorite
Then headed to lunch with family 

It was such a beautiful day a little outside time was needed, especially since the weather forecast for the rest of the week is rain 

Oh well April showers bring- allergies- I mean May flowers!! 

Yay Spring get here soon, to stay.  


  1. hahaha to the end - oh allergies, so fun. My husband has a terrible time with them, so far this has been the worst year for him in FL. Good times.
    Cute that she slept in on Easter. Resting up for all the fun! Love that she is always dancing.

  2. What a beautiful Easter dress for a beautiful and JOYFUL child. I just love that daughter of yours. Hope she's feeling better and glad to see you enjoyed the holiday!