Saturday, April 18, 2015

Just fun everyday stuff

Since Easter we have not been up to much. Just doing simple, fun everyday stuff! 

We are enjoying beautiful spring weather 

We met some new friends

Lia loves to have her hair "hot waved" aka curled - 
It starts at an early age!! 

We've been playing Spot It - a lot

And Lia has a new found love of 
Chick Fil A -she picked it over Panera today!! 

We are looking forward to more fun everyday stuff! 

Spring has sprung! 

Just ask the neighbors flower beds; I'm pretty sure that's where these came from!! 


  1. yay for warm spring weather!! I would totally pick chick fila over panera too but maybe that's because I don't live anywhere near one!

  2. I love the little golf set! And, she calls em hot waves haha that is too cute. Happy Spring!

  3. I want to come and play at YOUR house! It always looks like so much fun! Lia has the best toys...

    She is getting so grown up, Aly. And beautiful, too. With or without curls. :)

    ~ Carrie