Sunday, March 1, 2015

Yay March

I love March. 
It means we are one month closer to spring, although you wouldn't know it by looking out our windows today. 
Someday we'll see that beautiful weeping cherry tree, green grass and hear the birds chirp but until then... 
We, and by we I mean Jim, will shovel and snow blow this white stuff away! 

Lia moved into a twin bed this weekend! 

She looks small again! 
Our little girl turns 5 this month! 5 YEARS old. She's growing so fast and a recent development - she is learning read. Really read - she asks how to spell everything and what the words mean - she even picks words out of books to read. I love that she follows the words with her finger!!!! So cute 
She's learning a lot of big words and using them - thanks Fancy Nancy! 
Speaking of Fancy Nancy, we are going to a children's theater in town in a few weeks to see a Fancy Nancy play! And it just happens to be Lia's favorite Fancy Nancy story!!! The Mermaid Ballet
It looks like March will be a fun and exciting month!! 
Come on sun and spring

Happy Sunday!! 


  1. What a coincidence! Caroline is also starting to move into the "big girl bed". Sometimes she wants the crib, but she seems more and more to reject that in favor of the twin bed (with rails and MANY pillows around, I should add!).

    Things happen so quickly.

  2. That's AWESOME that Lia is starting to read! At FOUR years old?!! I'm not all that surprised, though, since she seems to have always loved books. Let's hope all the time you parents have put in reading to her will translate to a lifetime of Lia loving to read!

    You should see the snow WE have right now. It's way more than in those pics I posted, but it's warming up this week. Probably not enough to melt it all, though.

    Congrats to Lia on the big girl bed (love the sheets - you have such good taste!). Enjoy the play!

    ~ Carrie

  3. Reading! That is awesome. And a March Birthday is a good birthday =)