Saturday, March 14, 2015


Today was a FANCY day... 
One of Lia's early Birthday gifts was a day doing "FANCY" things and wearing "FANCY" things! Hence the fancy necklace and fancy dress and fancy headband! 
We went to a "FANCY" restaurant and had lunch 

And then Daddy dropped us off at the Children's Theater to watch a FANCY play! Based on one of Lia's favorite characters ~
"Wow" ~ I think Lia said that 20 times during the musical. We had SO much fun. We had wonderful seats and got to meet the cast of the show afterwards! 

Lia clapped and yelled "Bravo" after each set and was so excited to meet her favorite cast member - 
Rhonda the beautiful blue wave! 
Of course we had to meet Nancy 
And Lionel and Wanda
What a FANCY way to kick off Lia's birthday week!!!! 


  1. What a fun and FANCY day! It makes my heart happy to see these pictures. How sweet to have a whole day that was all about Lia. She must have felt so special and treasured that day. She looks like she was just glowing. Lia keeps getting more and more beautiful and I can't believe how much you two look alike in that picture, Aly. So many similar features and even the smile! Too cute.

  2. oh I love it!!! Sounds so big time big girl too. Aria is just starting to like wearing princess dresses, and all dresses are princess dresses. And sitting through a play! And wanting to go eat out! amazing. Happy Happy Birthday Lia!

  3. Oh how ADORABLE! I can't wait to do this stuff with Mia as she grows!!