Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday

Our little girl turned F-I-V-E on Sunday March 22nd!!

And in our house birthdays are kind of a big deal. 
It's about being another year older, another year wiser and celebrating this sweet little girl.

We kicked off Lia's birthday week by going to lunch and a play

We had a "lucky" St Patty's day dinner 

We took advantage of the nice spring weather and spent time outside riding scooters and 
practicing being a cheerleader!   

Yep! She has A LOT of energy. 
It will come in handy when she is an Astronaut Doctor Ballerina Girl when she grows up!! 

Lia perfected her "duck face"...

...And had her very first Starbucks - it was a hit. Lia called it her "milkshake" 
Don't worry no coffee involved in this "milkshake" - no need for that for her!!! 

She had 2 days of present opening! 
Her much anticipated CareBear book and figurines 

Her collection of Strawberry Shortcake dolls is complete! 

New scooter = serious concentration

All of this fun stuff lead to one happy 5 year old! 

Now onto the Purple Princess Party! 

Lia had so much fun with her cousins;
dressing up like princesses 
eating big princess cookies 
and purple princess cupcakes

Later that evening Lia came down with her 1st cold of her 5th year - 
that didn't take long did it?!?!?
And has been recovering ever since. 

And just for fun she is practicing her spelling and writing

Happy 5th Birthday to our favorite girl in this great big world
God found us you 
You are special, kind, important and beautiful -
You are SO LOVED 
Your smile is contagious 
And your heart is as big as the sky 
We LOVE you to the moon and back 
Happy Happy Birthday


  1. Vid made me smile. Thanks very much.

  2. Happy Birthday!!! That video is the cutest. She's got spirit, yes she do! And, lovely - first cold, always a hit.