Sunday, February 22, 2015

Let's get back to it

Tomorrow is the first day of school in 2 weeks! 
Yep 2 weeks. 
Not just because Lia has been sick but because we have had lots of snow and below 0 temperatures. There have been teacher in service days, snow days and Presidents day and school was canceled/closed 1/2 of the time. 
We are ready to get back to it - a life with a routine and school. 
BUT - Lia is still awake at 10:45pm - because this happened right after dinner! 
(She just crawled up on daddy's lap and closed her eyes! Before we knew it she was asleep) 

Tomorrow should be interesting! Sorry - Mrs A and Mrs D! 

We have been spending a lot of time on our couch the past few weeks getting better! 

But we also found the time to celebrate Chinese New Year & welcome the Year of the Sheep! 

May this next year be a year filled with love, hope, peace and lots of moments filled with joy and smiles!! 

And a few silly faces

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  1. I think I know how Baba feels with Lia curled up in his lap: from pater familias to furniture... and it rocks!