Sunday, February 22, 2015

Let's get back to it

Tomorrow is the first day of school in 2 weeks! 
Yep 2 weeks. 
Not just because Lia has been sick but because we have had lots of snow and below 0 temperatures. There have been teacher in service days, snow days and Presidents day and school was canceled/closed 1/2 of the time. 
We are ready to get back to it - a life with a routine and school. 
BUT - Lia is still awake at 10:45pm - because this happened right after dinner! 
(She just crawled up on daddy's lap and closed her eyes! Before we knew it she was asleep) 

Tomorrow should be interesting! Sorry - Mrs A and Mrs D! 

We have been spending a lot of time on our couch the past few weeks getting better! 

But we also found the time to celebrate Chinese New Year & welcome the Year of the Sheep! 

May this next year be a year filled with love, hope, peace and lots of moments filled with joy and smiles!! 

And a few silly faces

Thursday, February 12, 2015

It must be ....

It must be daddy's birthday, almost Valentine's Day, almost Chinese New Year  - because this happened -  
Yep - Lia is sick! 
It seems to happen the same time each year! 
Nemo had to come see the doctor with us - he needed to see Dr Melissa because he was having trouble swimming! 
So here we go on a 14 day course of antibiotics. 
The one good thing about it - for Lia -we get to have camp outs in the living room every night!!!!!!!!!! 

We'll be on the couch if you need us!! 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Life is busy -

Life is busy - that seems to be the common thing of our posts lately! 
I think it must get busier once kids get older. Right?! 
It seems once we get home at the end of the day we are even busier. 
Lia goes and goes. All in - all day! 
She is a very active child and loves to have something to do 
And we love it 

Lia loves bugs - bug hunts- bug books and bug toys 
She even loves shows about bugs - whirligig beetles to be exact 
 This is her new favorite toy!!! 

Look who's back - good old Brobee - 
He used to go EVERYWHERE with Lia. 
For a while he just stayed at home but now he's back. 
He's a little older now and sure he's a little worn and 
one eye may almost be completely rubbed off BUT ...
he's comfortable, familiar and he's back. 

Every night - no matter how many other books we read- 
 this one has to be the last one before we go to sleep. 

We still have the same cute little bedtime routine- only now it includes the following songs:
My Favorite Things - Sound of Music style 
Let it Go - Elsa style 
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Good Night Sweetheart - Mommy style
Speaking of Let it Go - check her out!!! 

Lia will be turning 5 next month! 
Here's our inspiration for her party. 
She wants a "Purple Princess Lia party" 

But lets get through February first. There are a lot of fun things going on in this short month: 
Daddy's Birthday 
Valentines Day and 
Chinese New Year / The Spring Festival 

Lia got a tee-pee for Christmas and loves having camp outs in the living room, 
complete with s'mores. As you can see she still LOVES her Sofia the First nightgown. 

And just to end with a few cute pictures from our weekend- 

Yep - life is busy and this little one keeps it F-U-N