Monday, January 19, 2015

In the blink of an eye

In the blink of an eye January has flown by! 

I want to keep up - 
I want to record our every day lives- 
Some days are busy- 
Most are filled with lots of ordinary things 

Here it is a slice of what January has been like for us. 

The tree is gone and the house is back to normal. We still see some houses with lights up and every time we see these houses Lia asks "when will it be Christmas at our house?"  Please people I beg you - take down your decorations! It's confusing to a certain 4 year old Christmas lover--- Pretty please!!!! 

We are still in princess mode 
In fact there may be a princess themed birthday party in Lia's near future! 

We had our first beautiful big snow fall 

And then moved on to sunny warmer days- oh Ohio!! 

Speaking of Ohio - did you hear the one about the Buckeyes beating the Ducks!?

LadyBug girl returned 

And sometimes the only thing that can make your feel better is a Frosty from Wendy's!! 
That's a quick January overview- lots of indoor activities and little things that fill our days with fun!


  1. With a smile like that, I'm guessing you find it as hard to resist giving her everything she wants as we do with our little girl!

  2. What a smile!!! How lovely to fill your time with princess dresses and lady bugs!

  3. mm I mean I like a frosty here and there but now I just want fresh fries! Those are my love language.
    A princess party! I'd like to think we'll have one of those in the future. Aria just started getting obsessed with mermaids and Ariel.
    Good thing y'all aren't by us...we still have everything up. Although we don't turn the lights on anymore, we are just lazy. And busy. When we aren't busy or lazy it rains. I wish I had a de-decorating fairy.

  4. Happy January! She sure looks adorable. And that Ohio v Oregon game! What a great game (for the Buckeyes!)