Friday, December 5, 2014

A little catch up

We have been having fun lately. So much fun I feel I should let you all in on it! 

So it's time to catch up!! 

Thanksgiving was fun. We started out the day watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and having a campout breakfast 

Then headed over the river and through the woods to both of our families houses! We celebrated with good food and good company; 
And after dinner there was a Christmas tree lighting "ceremony". More like Opa lighting the tree while the girls ran around the tree with Oma. Yea a little crazy but fun! 
Our house is decorated and ready for the big man and his sleigh. Our little elf was a huge helper this year. 

We went to the annual Beat Michigan party - or Go Bucks party - either way we WON!! 

We have been sick - all of us! Colds, sinus infections and coughs oh my! 

We are reading lots of Christmas stories 

And making slime - those two are NOT related but it's what we've been up too. A LOT 

Did I mention we may have a future scientist on our hands!? As long as she can also be a Doctor Princess too! 

The slime recipe is so easy;
1 cup water 
1 cup corn starch 
And green paint ( we use finger paint) 

Mix it and have fun!! 

Our Elf Ernie made his debut ~ 
Bringing a Sofia ornament with him 
And decorating our windows 

We are going to have breakfast with Santa this weekend! 

Stay tuned for the cute pictures coming soon. 

So that's it ~ I believe we are caught up!! 
We are off to finish our shopping and start wrapping so we can relax and enjoy the season!! 

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  1. Finish shopping...oh that sounds pretty good. I vaguely recall liking getting gifts for people at some point. I mean I like the giving part, but I hate the figuring out what to get part.
    That is one massive stack of books!!! Love it! We have Christmas books coming out the waazoo. We need to build on a library. And a play room.