Monday, December 29, 2014

And what a Christmas it was!

I think celebrating with a 4 1/2 year old at Christmastime is the BEST! 
We had so much fun seeing the joy and wonder and excitement with Lia this year. 

This Christmas;  

We watched Charlie Brown and Frosty more times than I can count 

Lia really understood everything about Christmas this year. 

We baked cookies for Santa 

And waited patiently for him to arrive! 

 And arrive he did! Just look at that tree! 

Santa left a note and the magic key next to the cookies and milk! 
It was so exciting and magical 
(The magic key gets Santa in our front door - we do not have a chimney) 

We celebrated with family 

We said Happy Birthday to Oma and Jesus! 

Our house has been messy, loud and FUN!! 

(And filled with lots of things princess-ey)  

And oh what a Christmas it has been 

Next, a brand new year~ filled with fun, adventure, laughter, peace, hope and love!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Celebration

This week we had the pleasure of going to a Christmas Celebration at Lia's Pre-School. 

When I say Lia had a blast - that may be a bit of an understatement!!! You never know how these things will go. If ever we had a doubt Lia put our fears to rest during the first song. 

Instead of writing about it I will let the videos do the talking  singing;

All in the Bible, look in the book 

Wonderfully made

Did I mention she had a BLAST!!!!??? 
She was a star and her light shine as bright as can be. 
This little girl was fun, entertaining and gave it her all. 

This reminded us what this season is all about; 
Being present- being in the moment and having fun making memories. 

I can't tell you how proud we are to call her our daughter, grand-daughter, god-daughter, cousin, niece and friend! 
She is the light of our lives. Her zest for all things she loves is contagious. 
She is so wonderfully made!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Our first gifts under the tree ~

Lia and I received our first gifts for under the tree last week! 
Of course we couldn't wait to open them -so we didn't! But its OK, we were aloud to open them - because this year Lia and I participated in a Mommy and Me, Secret Santa Book exchange with some bloggy friends! 

We received our books from Crystal and Mason
Lia received a great book called Santa's Favorite Story  - Santa shares the true story of Christmas with some animal friends he meets in the woods. Santa tells the story of the first Christmas and tells the story of the birth of Jesus - helping his animal friends understand the true meaning of Christmas. Lia loves this story and I think it was ingenious to have Santa as the narrator! 
I received Comfort and Joy by Kristin Hannah. I have yet to start it yet but now that our shopping is finished and wrapping has begun, I will have more time in the coming days.

Lia and I had the pleasure of shopping for 
Jamie and Reese 
Reese just turned 2! Happy Birthday Reese!! 

We had fun with this book exchange and loved "meeting" new friends- it's safe to say we follow a few more blogs and a few more people on Instagram!! 

Thank you Courtney, Jenny and Liz for hosting such a fun exchange! 
Lets do it again!!!

Friday, December 5, 2014

A little catch up

We have been having fun lately. So much fun I feel I should let you all in on it! 

So it's time to catch up!! 

Thanksgiving was fun. We started out the day watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and having a campout breakfast 

Then headed over the river and through the woods to both of our families houses! We celebrated with good food and good company; 
And after dinner there was a Christmas tree lighting "ceremony". More like Opa lighting the tree while the girls ran around the tree with Oma. Yea a little crazy but fun! 
Our house is decorated and ready for the big man and his sleigh. Our little elf was a huge helper this year. 

We went to the annual Beat Michigan party - or Go Bucks party - either way we WON!! 

We have been sick - all of us! Colds, sinus infections and coughs oh my! 

We are reading lots of Christmas stories 

And making slime - those two are NOT related but it's what we've been up too. A LOT 

Did I mention we may have a future scientist on our hands!? As long as she can also be a Doctor Princess too! 

The slime recipe is so easy;
1 cup water 
1 cup corn starch 
And green paint ( we use finger paint) 

Mix it and have fun!! 

Our Elf Ernie made his debut ~ 
Bringing a Sofia ornament with him 
And decorating our windows 

We are going to have breakfast with Santa this weekend! 

Stay tuned for the cute pictures coming soon. 

So that's it ~ I believe we are caught up!! 
We are off to finish our shopping and start wrapping so we can relax and enjoy the season!!