Monday, November 24, 2014


With only a few days before Thanksgiving  it is only fitting that we take a few minutes to say what we are thankful for. 

Lia is asking us everyday what we are thankful for. Our answers of course is our love for Lia and family with the occasional  thankful for pizza thrown in there! 

It is however more fun to hear Lia's cute little 4 year old answers. 

So here are a few things Lia is thankful for this Thanksgiving week; 
- pizza too 
- Frosty the Snowman 
- Sofia pj's 
- mommy and daddy 
- preschool 
- Ameisha ( her speech therapist) 
- banana cream pie 
- Bonnie ( a friend at school) 
- cran-grape juice 

Happy Thanksgiving to all. 
May your week be filled with many things you are thankful for. 

And just because .... Here are a few pictures of the past few weeks! 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Where does the time go!?

I looked at our blog tonight and realized the last time I blogged was right after Halloween! 
Where has the time gone? 
November is half way over - Thanksgiving is in 2 weeks! 
Where has the time gone? 
It's darker earlier and there are some days we are in our pajamas at 6:30! This is per Lia's request - she LOVES her Sofia nightgown. I mean LOVES - as in panics when I have to wash it for fear that she may not get to ware it to bed! 

But here is what we have been up to; 

Lots of play-doh tea parties with Sofia 

Playing with all of the Lalaloopsies in Sofia PJ's 

Decorating the dollhouse for Christmas 

Playing in the rain (when it was warm) 

Doing ballet in Sofia PJ's   

Making turkey hand prints - probably in Sofia PJ's 

Enjoying a sucker left over from Halloween while dressed as LadyBug Girl! Not in Sofia PJ's!!! 

Enjoying some beautiful fall skies 

Wrapping presents to send to a sweet little girl in China for Christmas

In general - just our ordinary beautiful life! 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween 2014 ~ 
Was so much FUN. 
Lia loved being LadyBug Girl 

We had a beautiful night to be Trick or Treating 

Our little LadyBug girl was so outgoing and so excited to be out getting candy, ringing doorbells and knocking on doors! We made 3 trips home to empty her ladybug bucket and head out again! 

She enjoyed her time with 80's Girl

And the Witch(Oma) & the Old Man, with a baseball hat, smoking a cigar (Opa)

Of course when the night was coming to an end we had to dump all the candy and look for all the Kit Kats! I think Lia ate 3 or 4 that night!
Needless to say bedtime was a bit later - like 11:15pm later BUT it was FUN!!