Monday, October 6, 2014

We're going on a leaf hunt

One of Lia's favorite books this fall is We're Going on a Leaf Hunt! It's read in the same tone and fashion as We're Going on a Bear Hunt. 

We had the perfect night for a fall walk a few days ago and we recreated her new favorite story! 

We're going on a leaf hunt.... 

We're going right away.....

Let's find colorful leaves....

It's a wonderful day!!!

We sang this song all around the block! We had so much fun going on our leaf hunt. 

We came home and ate 
"pumpkin peaches". 
Lia's new favorite fall snack. 
Don't tell her it's the same old peaches - only dressed up for Halloween! She thinks it's a whole new kind of peach! 

Happy Fall 


  1. This is lovely. I haven't heard of that - it sounds like 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' though.

  2. How cute. And fun! What a great idea with the peaches and so funny that Lia thinks they are something special!

    Happy Fall!

    ~ Carrie