Friday, October 24, 2014

It's almost Halloween

It's almost Halloween!! 
Lia can't wait to dress up and go out Trick or Treating. 
We began our Halloween tradition in our neighborhood of 
our neighbors last night! 
We may or may not have been busted when one of the people we were BOO-ING
opened their garage door while we were running from their house!

I forgot to get pictures of this years 
"BOO" basket 
but it looked something like last years! 

This year Lia is going to be LADYBUG GIRL - a character from one of her favorite series of books

Here is Lia practicing with her costume. 
We figured this year we would try to wear it a while first so we don't get the repeat of last year!

Lia has worn it A LOT -

- So as long as Mother Nature cooperates this year I think it will be a success!


  1. I love the idea of giving your neighbours things, that's so lovely especially for children, so halloween isn't just about taking!

  2. How cute.

    Also, interested to know that "Ladybug Girl" is a series; need to get more for our little one.

  3. When I saw that Lia's little friend was moving away, I wondered if you would be BOOing this year. Glad to see the tradition continues!

    Lia's costume is as cute as she is and hopefully no itchy socks this time! Those boots are the best. I love the video and her sweet little voice. Cute, cute, CUTE!!!

    ~ Carrie

  4. oh no! busted while boo-ing! I wish I knew my neighbors enough to want to boo them, I contemplated boo-ing Aria's godparents but I didn't think the sentiment was quite the same.