Saturday, October 25, 2014

Happy GOTCHA Day!

Four years ago today we met a sweet little 7 mo old baby! 
Her name was Hua Man - we called her Lia! 
We walked into a crowded- loud- office in Guangzhou China and 
met our quiet - timid little girl! 

It was so an emotion loaded day. 
Today 4 years later, as we look back and celebrate Lia that day is fresh in our minds like it was yesterday. 
Except it wasn't yesterday and we are reminded of just how much Lia has grown. 
She is no longer that quiet - timid little baby. 
She is a full blown 4 and 1/2 year old little girl! 

Lia, you are:   






and a good friend:

May you always remember:

You are beautiful

You are special 

You are kind

And you are SO LOVED!  

Today is your special day.
The day we celebrate you. 
Today we celebrate 4 years of being a FOREVER FAMILY 
and the day we first held you in our arms. 
We love you to the moon and back Lia! 
You are the sunshine of our lives. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

It's almost Halloween

It's almost Halloween!! 
Lia can't wait to dress up and go out Trick or Treating. 
We began our Halloween tradition in our neighborhood of 
our neighbors last night! 
We may or may not have been busted when one of the people we were BOO-ING
opened their garage door while we were running from their house!

I forgot to get pictures of this years 
"BOO" basket 
but it looked something like last years! 

This year Lia is going to be LADYBUG GIRL - a character from one of her favorite series of books

Here is Lia practicing with her costume. 
We figured this year we would try to wear it a while first so we don't get the repeat of last year!

Lia has worn it A LOT -

- So as long as Mother Nature cooperates this year I think it will be a success!

We've got to get this kid in a dance class

She can move! 
She can groove! 
She's got rhythm
and she has a blast dancing! 
we really need to get this kid in a dance class

Lia dances whenever and wherever she hears good music!
  She loves this song ....

She taps...

and does ballet !!

Oh it's time!
Dance class here comes Lia!!!

Lia's Library

It's been a while since I have posted much on the blog. 
Get ready for post overload
I have spent quite a bit of time on Instagram - so follow us there too!! 

Here is what we are reading and watching now. 

Lia LOVES this little "movie" 
It is about 40 minuets long and has a great lesson for kids. 
Spookley is a square pumpkin. He's not like all the other pumpkins in the patch. 
It's a cute little story about how it's ok to be different. That it is not ok to make fun of or tease people who are a little differnt. It teaches that each of us is special and loved and have valuable things to offer if we try to get to know others. 
There are books and an interactive app and website that also bring Spookley to life! 
IT's FUN! 

We've been reading: 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall is FUN

A chill is in the air and fall is upon us. 

We started off the month celebrating a fall birthday - it was Caitlin's 8th! 
Don't worry it was just icing! 
Where does the time go?! 

We went on a hay ride

Picked pumpkins 

Goofed off with the gang 

And had a blast at the pumpkin patch pizza party! 

Lia has tried on her costume - a lot 

Made friends with a "good witch" 

And has enjoyed the start of fall...

...because - Fall is FUN! 

Monday, October 6, 2014

We're going on a leaf hunt

One of Lia's favorite books this fall is We're Going on a Leaf Hunt! It's read in the same tone and fashion as We're Going on a Bear Hunt. 

We had the perfect night for a fall walk a few days ago and we recreated her new favorite story! 

We're going on a leaf hunt.... 

We're going right away.....

Let's find colorful leaves....

It's a wonderful day!!!

We sang this song all around the block! We had so much fun going on our leaf hunt. 

We came home and ate 
"pumpkin peaches". 
Lia's new favorite fall snack. 
Don't tell her it's the same old peaches - only dressed up for Halloween! She thinks it's a whole new kind of peach! 

Happy Fall