Friday, September 5, 2014

First Day of school

Today was the first day of preschool 
Almost ....
The morning started off as usual. 
Lia woke up happy, as always, got out of bed and began limping to the living room. Huh? What? 
I asked why she was walking like that and she replied "Mama I hurt my knee"
I asked her how and she said playing in the grass! Well I sat her down on our floor and ....

Her knee was so red and swollen. 
She would not put pressure on her leg/foot and it was HOT to touch! We iced it with our Boo-Boo buddies and put some cream on it but it did not get better. In fact it got worse SO instead of school we headed to see the Doctor. 

At first she was just happy to be playing in the mirror making faces. 

Then the doctor came in to "look". 
I will just say it was not fun! 
Her knee was so swollen he had to drain it so he could test for bacteria if the results of the draining looked suspious. 

Good news the knee didn't seem suspious aka infected. Hopefully we got in early enough. 

Bad news is that it's probally one heck of a bite that is very painful and to say the least is not good. 

Lia missed her first day of school and is on a ten day round of antibiotics. 

But she did leave the Doctors office with 10 stickers, a pink bandaid, a stick of her favorite bubble gum and we made a trip to Wendy's for fries and a Frosty! 

So.. The first day of school will be Monday. 


  1. Good grief that is swollen! She may be allergic to bites. Mine swell to the size of quarters or larger.

  2. ouch! that's not the way to start off a school year. A frosty is a nice perk though.

  3. Good heavens! The docs think that's a bite or sting??? Poor thing. Hope she makes a quick recovery.

  4. Oh my, that looks awful poor little thing :( hope it gets better quickly.