Sunday, September 21, 2014

Asserting some independence

As of late Lia has been letting us know she'll be outside- by herself - for a little bit. 
She doesn't go far. Just the front porch. We can see her from our living room and kitchen but she doesn't know that. 
I snuck a picture of her front porch adventure. 
Shh don't tell!! 

Then she heard my camera phone clicking and quickly turned and said "Oh hey Mama!"

And then went back to enjoying her new found independence. 


  1. Isn't it a blast to watch them grow and learn / do new things?!

    As for her not knowing that you can see her... I'll bet that, even if she doesn't realize it, she KNOWS that Mama and Baba are always watching, and this is the very thing that makes it possible for her to start being independent.

  2. How sweet is that! I was never allowed outside the yard as a kid and alone. I could never imagine just letting my kid roam the neighborhood with just friends. I don't think I have the spine for that ha. Way too scary.

  3. I love that sweet smile. Lia is getting to be such a big girl! That storm door looks perfect for giving her some supervised independence. Hope you guys have a great week!