Saturday, August 2, 2014

A day at the fair

Another year at the Ohio State Fair and another year of beautiful weather! 

Lia LOVED it again. 

Her favorite ride; 
Yep the giant slide. She's is so adventurous. Unlike her mommy- that slide makes me queasy just looking at it. 

She loved the Frog Hopper (again and again) 

And Dumbo (even though it doesn't look like it)!

And the dragon roller coaster 

And the flying bee 

She went on a pony ride, went to the petting zoo, visited a Christmas tree farm and met some baby turkeys 
She loved those baby turkeys 

We watched a pig race hosted by the cutest 5 year old - Pork Chop! 

And we ate our way through the Midway
We had pizza, fair fries, lemonade, an Icee and our most favorite thing of all; 
Roasted corn!!! 

We took the SkyRide back over the Midway 

And then

You guessed it, fell asleep in the car - we were not even out of the parking lot. 
Good times


  1. What fun! We're looking forward to taking our little one to the fair this year. O' course, *I* am looking forward to *(as you say) eating my way through the Midway.

  2. oh that fair doesn't look half bad! The ones I see look dirty anddd a little scary. I use to love them as a kid though! I don't think I've ever seen a baby turkey, so cute. Just don't remind her on thanksgiving?

  3. Now that looks like a nice fair. Ours aren't nearly that nice around here but we usually still go. I go for the food and the kids go for the rides! The giant slide is always their favorite too.

    Looks like Little Miss enjoyed herself :)

  4. It looks like our Canadian national exhibition. Looks like you had a great time!