Monday, July 21, 2014

The Crab and the Octopus

Summertime is busy. 
Fun busy!! 

Lia is having a great time learning to swim with her Opa. It was one of Opa's goals for his summer - teach Lia to swim. 
This little girl would not leave the little pool on the first day 
And now she walks in the big pool like she owns it! 
She can't wait for the rest periods to end so she can get back at it. 

She's become quite the little swimmer but if you ask her she is the "crab" and Opa is the "octopus"

They are both loving their pool time together and we are so happy they are creating such fun summer memories.


  1. They are so cute together. I hope my kids are close with their grandparents, too.

    Love the swimsuit - Lia has the best clothes! :)

    ~ Carrie

  2. It's so great that she's learning to swim and taking to it so well! Even better that a grandfather is teaching her. She'll treasure these memories all of her life.

  3. Looks like Opa has really made progress with teaching her to swim. She's such a darling!

  4. oh that is great!! What a cute swim suit too. Aria tends to like the bunny over the pool when we visit her godfather's pool. But loves the ocean! probably because there are no distracting bunnies there!

  5. How lovely they get to spend time together like this. These really are memories to treasure!