Thursday, June 19, 2014

A spot of tea anyone?

Lia loves her tea set.

We love that this tea set can help save the planet and is safe to use. Really use, because
– it is green!
Designed for children ages three and up, the tea set is made from recycled milk jugs, is FDA approved to eat and drink from, and does not contain BPA, phthalates, or lead paint. The set is colorful and durable and functional. 

We have had so much fun the past few weeks having a spot of tea. 

Hey let's have a tea party: 


And use my new favorite tea set: 


And do it again and again and again 

Until we are "full of tea"

Here is the info on Lia's favorite TEA SET  


  1. We've got a couple things from that company! I always has a blast doing tea with my neighbor, who I use to call grandma because she basically a part of the family. I still have bits of the set too, but not plastic so those are staying in the cupboard for a bit still haha. I wonder if Aria would enjoy that type of imaginative play yet, I've seen others around her age that like it.

  2. It is so cute! I love how environmentally friendly it is - I am very into all of that stuff!

  3. It's so nice to see that Lia actually PLAYS with her toys. Totally justifies spending a bit more on better quality/green toys when she actually USES them! Very cute tea set - I love the pretty colors. What brand is it?

  4. Hi Carrie -
    It is called - Green Toys Tea Set on Amazon. It has a best seller rating and the price is comparable to other tea sets. This one will last us a long time so we didn't mind the cost. I love that she is playing now. I love the age we are in now because of all the PLAY time we get and she we can see her imagination just go wild.

  5. I need to get Caroline one of those when she is a little older. She loves to pretend play with her leap frog tea set, but she can't really drink from that one.