Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Festival season kick-off

Our church had our Summer festival this past weekend. We always attend a few festivals during the summer and this weekend kicked off "festival season" for us. 


Off we went to the ride the rides 

It was so much fun. 
Festivals here we come 


  1. Those "airplanes" go a lot faster than previous photos led me to believe! Yee-haw!

  2. What a cute cute outfit, perfect colours on her! So happy! And the...submarine? ride pic is the cutest! Is she holding a fake gun? haha. Random ride!

  3. Wow, Ally, these are some of your best pictures EVER! That one action shot of Lia on the ride? Oh my goodness is that awesome! And I LOVE that top (or is it a dress?) on her. Glad you guys had fun!
    ~ Carrie

  4. I love little church festivals! Such fun rides for the kids and great food for the adults! Great photos!