Sunday, June 8, 2014

BFF Party

Happy Birthday (a little early) to Lia's BFF Hazel. 

We went to Hazel's gymnastics Tangled celebration this weekend. There were four little girls that had the entire gymnastic facility to themselves - with instructors of course! 

Patiently waiting to have at it. "Listening" to the rules of the gym! 
Let the fun begin 

An hour later and red faced they had a rest - right on the mats 

Then to the party room for cake and ice cream!! Yeah 
The girls had a blast and Hazel said "it was the best birthday ever"


  1. It looks so much fun at the gymnastics place - I think even I would have a blast there!!

  2. So cute! What a fun little party to have the whole place to yourself!

  3. THAT is a great birthday idea! Clever, and so nice to all the parents of completely tired ladies who definitely slept well that night haha! I use to love that big thing full of smooshy cubes.