Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Next week the agency that helped bring Lia to our family is celebrating 11,000. 
11,000 children and their forever familes 
11,000 orphans no more 
11,000 lives filled with love and joy  through adoption 
11,000 reasons to smile and be forever greatful 
We are blessed to be one of the families that choose CCAI to help guide us on our journey to Lia. 
We pray and hope that the wait for those waiting for their little ones is over soon and more familes experience the blessing of adoption! 11,000 more would be nice! 


  1. I saw that e-mail from CCAI, too. When we started our adoption, they had just hit 10,000. We are SO hoping to be one of the next 1,000!

    Back when we started, I remember looking at the virtual tour of the CCAI facilities on their website and they had several rooms lined with framed photos of kids they had placed in families. The walls are completely full of these framed little pictures. The hallways are lined with more kids' pictures and the offices have more still. It's just an endless sea of little faces. It amazes me to think about how there are so very many that they all kind of blur together, but if you look at any one individual picture, you will see a precious child whose whole life was completely changed by adoption. Then I think of the parents. People who longed for a child and were given the gift of parenthood through the miracle of adoption. And the lives of countless others (parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, neighbors, etc.) that were changed by that one adoption. It seriously makes me cry just thinking about it.

    So I would say the number of lives changed is exponentially greater than their 11,000 adoptions. God is so good!

    And Lia is about the most precious thing I've ever seen. Seriously, I know you think she's beautiful because you're her mom, but I'm telling you, objectively, she is absolutely stunning! And hearing about her personality makes her even CUTER! Every time Mike and I smell the mulch outside now we think of Lia and we both say, "Boy, that mulch sure is STINKY!" :)

    ~ Carrie

  2. Carrie - you are so right. All of the lives Lia has touched one way or another from family to friends to people we met at the store and beyond is much greater than the number - 11,000.
    I hope you, Mike and Carter are in the next 100. I pray it happens very soon for you. God is good indeed.

    After a season of mulching you would think that the smell of it would some how not be a big deal BUT nope she still identifies it every where we go. And loudly too!!! She holds her little hand over her nose and is SO dramatic about it- I still laugh EVERY.TIME.

    Have a beautiful weekend.