Sunday, May 4, 2014

Dress it up

Lia is into dressing up and picking out her own clothes. 
Which at times makes for an interesting ensemble! 

She wants to wear her Easter dress every day! 

She also likes to play pretend dress up! 
This week she has dressed up as a witch w/ tap shoes over kitty pj's 

She has dressed up as a "princess fairy" aka Tinker Bell with pink leggings and a strappy tee

A fairy princess must check her outfit in the magic mirror! 

Next up her outfit of choice - she picked it out all by herself! A lady bug shirt with a neon pink twirly skirt over a pair of dark jean leggings! 

Let's call this last one ...having a blast! 

It's been a fun week watching Lia play dress up and pretend and put together some super sweet outfits.

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