Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Check up Day

We had Lia's 4 year check up yesterday 

Here are the details: 

No shots - yippee 

The stats: 
34 pounds - 37th % 
40 1/2 inches tall - 68%

Still HATES having her ears looked at - too much irrigating and digging this past winter did her in! She doesn't believe the Doctors when they say they are just "looking for elephants". No ma'am she's not buying it. Even if it is true - she starts to get scared and cries BIG tears :( 
Breaks my heart. 

Special treat: 
Strawberry licorice 
Wendy's French fries 
And Sponge Bob stickers
Just a quick picture on the ride home with Foofa and Meigan (the ballerina). 


  1. Aww...poor Lia. I hate hearing that she cried. :(
    Glad she got some nice treats, though.
    Sounds like she's tall and thin like Carter is.
    Love those sunglasses!
    ~ Carrie

  2. Right there with her. Doctors are always poking and prodding, and "this won't hurt a bit" is one of the biggest lies ever told.

    And they won't even give me a sucker anymore...

  3. She is super stylin in the car seat! Such a cutie. Big smiles after! That is good! Aria was so much easier as a baby at the pediatrician, now she cries instantly when the dr gets started on the check up. Sigh. Twizzlers is a great idea though, I'll stick that in my back pocket for down the road!

  4. The glasses just crack me up!!!!