Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Beach Day

Today at school it was Beach Day! 
The kids got to bring a beach towel for story time
A beach toy to play with and
Wear a beach outfit or bathing suit.  

Lia's teacher, Ms. Dee, brought in a special book for Lia to enjoy! 
Lia was super excited about Beach Day and loved wearing her sparkly seashell shirt
and fishing in the water table....
 and dancing to the beach music
It was a blast!!!
School is almost out for summer


  1. What a fun day - love the beach gear and Nemo!

    ~ Carrie

  2. hahaha that first picture cracks me up, she looks so annoyed. Mom I want to go to school no more pictures, or something! It's a cute annoyed though. Love the nemo! can't have a beach day without the nemo!