Sunday, April 27, 2014


Waiting is HARD. No matter what it is for. 
Patience is one thing that everyone struggles with - in one way or another! 

For Lia it was hard today. She just wanted to see her friend so they could play and run around barefoot in the grass

The wait seemed so long 

But it was all worth it. 

And the girls had so much fun 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ballerina girl

Lia LOVES ballet! 
We have a dvd she watches and does ballet with every day. 
She even knows the proper ballet terms and postions. 
Thanks - Ms. Rosemary :) 

We are looking for a summer class in our area. 
Watch out The Nutcracker here we come. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Best part of the Day

Here are some cute pictures of Lia's favorite part of the day on Easter! 

Mom - really? Another picture? 

...collecting all these eggs 

And hanging out with my cousins 

I think they are the next Charlie's Angels 
That doesn't date me does it?? Hehe

Ok Ok .. One more and that's it! 

Happy Happy Easter 

Easter continued...

Our a Easter celebration continued. 
We headed to dinner at Oma and Opa's 
There was an outside Easter egg hunt and some fun playtime with the cousins, big wheels, sidewalk chalk and a family fav dessert - mint chocolate chip surprise! Along with lots of other GREAT food. 

According to Lia it was the best part of the day. I asked her tonight at bedtime what her favorite thing of the day was and it was the egg hunt - at Oma's and Opa's and Caitlin and Lexi. 

Being surrounded by love is the best! 

Happy Easter

The eggs have been found 
The basket has been torn apart 
The breakfast of choice: 
Jelly beans 
Chocolate eggs and a chocolate bunny 
And milk. 
All before 8:15am!! 

It was off to a slow start 

Lia's "hidden" eggs and Easter basket surrounded her but she was a little slow to get moving aka still sleepy. 
It takes her a while to get running in the morning- no.matter.what. 

Once she got going it was all FUN. 

It was a nice morning, just ask Lia! 

We are off to church soon and then will spend the day with family. A little green bean casserole, Mac n Cheese and deviled eggs are in order today too. 

He is not here; He has risen, just as He said.'” Matthew 28:5-6 
Jesus Christ is risen today, Alleluia! Our triumphant holy day. Alleluia! 

Happy Easter!!! 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday

Our Good Friday started off with Lia waking up with a cold (again). 
Is the first year of school over yet? 

She is in good spirits and wanted to do the fun Easter things we had planned. 

Today I learned some really good things. Things I hope not to forget. 

Today I learned: 

Don't use your brown eggs for coloring Easter eggs. Yep - I didn't even think about it and used our eggs we always get and .... 
We got some very muted eggs! 
Good thing we are only using them for deviled eggs. 
Lia had fun anyway and she thinks they are beautiful. And that's what really matters. 

Today I learned: 

I really can't tell which tablet goes in which cup. I only got 2 of the 5 colors in the right cup. Maybe next year we will try something different! 

thing Lia didn't care. She was really having fun and teaching Brobee how to color eggs. 

Today I learned: 

Rice Krispy treats are super sticky, set up really fast and take a lot of elbow grease when stiring. (It's been a long time since we've made them, we usually just ask Kiki to do it) 
They are so good and The Easter Bunny is going to love the snack we leave for him. 

Today I learned:
 Lia makes a good bunny and is a very good sport. 

May your Easter weekend be full of good things and many blessings. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring time Fun ~ Day 2

We wrapped up our weekend last week with cupcakes, a nap on the couch with the windows open and a warm breeze blowing in and hanging out with friends! 

Here is our Spring time fun in pictures- Day 2 aka Sunday Funday 

Cupcake time: 

Nap time: 

Friend time: 

Happy Spring Time!! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Rain Rain

Rain Rain -Don't go away - 
want to go outside and PLAY

It was windy but I didn't care 
I like to feel the rain in my hair 

I twirl around in one place 
As the rain dances on my face 

Thank you rain for a fun day 
But now it's time to go inside and play