Saturday, March 22, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday

To our beautiful daughter! 

Happy Happy Birthday to you! 
We love you! 

Today started at 5am, yep 5am. You woke up coughing because you have a cold and you couldn't get back to sleep!
SO, up it was. 
We watched some shows, ate breakfast and headed out to run errands. 

By lunch you were .... 
... a little tired and crabby. 

We headed home and took a long nap! 
After napping it was present time. 

You loved the Hungry Hungry Hippo game!! 
(You know all of the hippo's names now- yes they have names) 

After a quiet dinner at home you wanted your birthday cake. 

It was the first time you have ever had cheesecake but you picked it out at the bakery because it had a cute little panda on it. 

Lia - you are our sunshine and so loved! 

Happy Birthday and many more 

Love you - 
Mommy and Daddy 


  1. I hope she feels better. A week long birthday is great!.

  2. Who DOESN'T love Hungry Hungry Hippos? Or need a nice long nap once in a while?!

    Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl! Hope it was your best yet!

    ~ Carrie