Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday!

Today we celebrated Lia's birthday. She will be 4 years old next weekend! Time  really does fly. 

This year Lia wanted a "Brobbe Party" and it progressed into a full blown Yo Gabba Gabba party! 

There were Yo Gabba Gabba balloons 

A Yo Gabba Gabba cake 

And Yo Gabba Gabba goodie bags! 

We celebrated with lots of food, family and decorations! 

Lia got lots if great stuff! Let me tell ya this little girl should not be bored for a while! 

Thank you Oma and Opa for hosting Lia's party again! We always have such a nice day. 

Thank you friends and family for coming and celebrating with Lia. She had wonderful 4th Birthday. 

We are blessed beyond words. 


  1. Happy birthday and best wishes to your little girl.

  2. 4 years old?!! How can it be? Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!

    What a fun party you guys had! Even Mike saw me looking at the pictures and commented on what a cool cake that was. I'm glad Lia got a lot of new toys to keep her occupied as it seems this winter will never end!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    ~ Carrie

  3. Wow, that looks like such a wonderful party. Happy Birthday little one.

  4. Happy Happy Birthday to Lia! I have absolutely no idea what yo gabba gabba is but I'm pretty sure this is what my future looks like =) Character extravaganza! I love the kid's table.