Wednesday, February 12, 2014

This is how we do it!

Isn't this how all the cool kids wear their breathing treatment masks?

Breathing treatments are much more effective if you wear the mask on your face not your head, Lia dear. 

Actually we are just glad she is not so afraid of the mask anymore! 

Day 6 of this nasty virus. 

Croup is not fun at all. 


  1. Well Lia LOOKS a lot better, even if she's not all the way there yet. So sorry to hear you've got it, too, Ally! Hopefully you'll both be feeling well enough to enjoy your celebration tomorrow. Happy Valentine's Day!

    ~ Carrie

  2. I hated my nebulizer treatments when I was a little asthmatic kid. The strings hurt my cheeks and it made my nose run all over the place, no fun. I agree with ^ she certainly looks better. I hope she is feeling better too. And, I love the gold pjs - very cute.