Monday, February 10, 2014

Just keep on keepin' on

It's been a rough 4 days. 

Croup is anything but common. Each child is different and our little girl has had a rough go of it. 

We have made 3 trips to our Doctors office. We've spent countless hours at Children's ER getting X-rays, breathing treatments and steroids! 

What started as common croup has escalated to severe croup and steroids for 5 days, ibuprophen every 6 hours and at home breathing treatments. And trips outside for cold air therapy! We have never been so thankful for this snow and below freezing temperatures. 

Did I mention very little sleep?! For anyone! 
We'll just keep on keepin' on... Cuz we need to get this little girl better!  
Please say a prayer for her . We could use all the help we can get. We are hoping to turn the corner tonight. 4 days of this is truly long enough. 

PS: Happy Birthday to the best friend-husband and daddy in the world! We love you- croup and all


  1. I am so sorry you are going thru this- one of my kids had an awful time with croup. He got it every time he got a cold, or even when his allergies flared up. We spent a lot of time in the ER and ended up keeping a steroid in our fridge. So many nights in a steamy shower our outside on the screened porch in the middle of winter to avoid the ER. They kept saying he would outgrow it but it took way longer than they thought. He hasn't had an episode (knock on wood) in a couple years (he is now 14) but he is also 6' 2" so I think the major growing lately has helped. I know it's scary- hang in there! One of my good friends brought my son home at 2am one time when he had an episode after playing on a mulch pile (he is allergic) and said "he's not checking out on my watch!!!" :)

  2. Oh, poor Lia! I'm kicking myself for saying how fast she always recovers. She looks miserable, poor thing. Still beautiful, but so sick. I can see it in her sweet little eyes. I already said a prayer for her, but I'll keep praying and checking back for a post that says she's on the mend.

    Prayers for you, too, Ally, as I'm sure your Mama's heart is aching for her, wishing you could make her better and worried sick about her. Just know that you guys are loved by lots of people (like me) who have never even met you and we're all thinking of you and lifting you up in prayer this week.

    Wishing a very happy birthday to Jim! I'll bet he's as worried as you are and even more frustrated because men always want to "fix" things and he probably feels helpless against this croup. Prayers for him, too.

    Prayers all around! :)

    Keep us posted on Lia's progress. I'm worrying right along with you guys, now!

    ~ Carrie

    1. Thanks for the update on Lia's progress, Ally! I'm so relieved to hear that she's improving, even if it's only slowly.

      I forgot to mention last time how much I LOVE that picture of her walking outside. So many great things about it from the snow to Lia's perfectly coordinated outfit to her shadow with Brobee hanging upside down to her obvious perseverance, just plodding along, no matter how sick she feels. She is one tough cookie!

      And yes, we are going somewhere warm AND fun. Any guesses? Somewhere I'm guessing you really enjoy, too, judging by the name of your blog! I'll tell the fairy godmother you said hello! Late February represents quite a packing challenge with temps averaging seventies for highs and fifties for lows. I'm thinking lots of layers, which is easier for us than for Carter. We'll make it work, though. So excited for his first time at our favorite place!