Friday, January 31, 2014

Xin Nian Kuai Le 新年快乐

                       Happy New Year!! 

It is our family tradition to celebrate this day with Lia. 
The house is cleaned, envelopes are stuffed and the gifts are wrapped!
( in red of corse) 

We headed out to our favorite Chinese restaurant to meet our familes and enjoy food and Chinese tea! 

Then comes the main event- the lion dance. Lia had a blast 

After giving the lions our red envelopes we headed home to open gifts and get in our pj's to relax. 

Lia got lots of red envelopes from our families with her "lucky money". 
She also got a few books, a Dora microphone and her very own camera and a few chocolate coins and MnM's

It was a nice evening and a wonderful way to bring in the new year!!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Or maybe ballerina?

A few days ago I asked-
"Do we have a teacher on our hands" 

Today I think - 
 Maybe a ballerina?! 

Hey - maybe a ballet teacher?!

The sky's the limit - the possibilities are endless and we are blessed to have a front row seat - whatever she does.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Is it possible?

Is it possible to get sick every 30 days? Oh we think it is!! 

It's Lia's first year of school and someone told us to expect this... 

But this is not fun.. 

Look at those rosy cheeks, chapped lips and watery eyes. Aw.. still so cute. 
So a high temp and bad cold it is again.
Hopefully only a 24-48 hour one! Fingers crossed!! 
Good thing Brobee and little Star are here to keep her company. It will be lots of tv and "movie" watching this weekend. 

Get better soon sweet girl. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Reading with a new friend

Do we have a teacher on our hands? 

She sat her new stuffed elephant down and said "Ellie now let's read a story. You sit there! I will read to you a story" 

Ellie was so patient and listened several times to The Nose Book by Al Perkins and Color by Alexander Girard. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lia's Library

Lia's Library
Here are Lia's current go to books and "story time" favorites

LOVE LOVE LOVE the If you give a .... series

Todd Parr and his wonderful, vibrant books with such positive messages

Celebrating the upcoming Chinese New Year holiday 

Just relaxing with a good book is fun 

Random thoughts

Random - that is the only way to describe this post!!
There are things I want to get down before we forget. 
Things Lia is doing or saying that we want to remember.
Things that make us laugh or say huh?!
So without further ado:
1) Lia loves the song Deck the Halls. She sings it every day. From beginning to end and really loud!!
However, here is a line from the song:
" Don we now our gang apparel"
It was:
"Dog we now our game apparel"
Making progress.
2) She calls her favorite stuffed toys her "guys". 
3) She is having trouble with phrasing her needs and wants. She asks
"Do you want some milk"
instead of
"Can I have some milk"
We are constantly working on this.
4) She is in a "big chair" at the big table. 
It's a little booster as our table is high. 
We eat dinner as a family almost every night and she is so happy to be able to sit right next to mommy and daddy in a chair. And she looks so big. 
5) She still says Ba-skeb-bee for Spaghetti

6) She gets really frustrated when she can't do something . I think it's the age. 

7) Lia just started playing 
"bed time games" like: 
I have to go potty 
I need water 
I have to go potty again 
I need socks 
My socks are bugging me - off please 
I have to go potty one more time 
I am cold 
I am hot 
I'm not tired .... Etc 
Another age thing - I hope! 

8) She loves playing the Olivia game on her LeapPad "computer" 

9) Lia likes to color with paints and color pencils

10) When we put her to bed at night sometimes she will call us back there and then say 
"Do you wanna rock you?" 
meaning she wants to rock in the rocking chair! It's probably because for so long we asked 
"Do you want me to rock you?"
Sigh.. Still love that she wants to rock and sit with us. 

11) She has at least 6 of her favorite books memorized 
Good night Good night construction site 
If you give a mouse a cookie 
If you give a pig a party 
If you give a moose a muffin 
Goodnight moon
Thank you Thanksgiving  
Here are a list of her favorite things: 
(according to Lia when asked these questions one night this week while playing in the bath tub) 
Favorite Color - Green
Favorite song - Old McDonald
Favorite pizza- Cheese
Favorite book- If you Give a Moose a Muffin    
Favorite TV show - Team Umizoomie
Favorite thing to do-  paint
Favorite drink- Chocolate milk 
Favorite PJ's - Doc McStuffins PJ's
Favorite breakfast- French fries (still working on the breakfast - lunch- dinner concept !) 
Favorite animal - Cow - MOO!! 
Favorite ice cream- Mint chip 
Favorite book - Chilly Catches a Cold 
Favorite vegtable - carrots 
Favorite fruit - blueberries
Favorite snack - pretzels  
And just because no post is complete with out a picture:
This is one of my favs from this past year!
  These are the days to remember!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

After all it is mid January

It's been a quiet low key week! After all it is mid January and like bears we hibernate. 

There is a little napping 

A little game playing and story book watching on the "pad" 
(Oh and butterfly wing wearing) 

And reading, not a little but lots and lots of reading

This makes me smile. 
My little girl loves books!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Artic outbreak

What do you do during a Polar Vortex? 

Here's what we have been doing to keep busy: 

We fly our homemade kite- 
inside of course 

We play with puzzles 

We take out all of our new Doc McStuffins toys - it was a Doc Christmas!

We play with molding clay 

And generally just make a huge, big mess trying to stay warm! 


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Welcome 2014

The new year is here. 
Happy 2014. 
The house is back in "order" and we are just enjoying our last day before we get back into the swing of things. 

Today will be a relaxing - chili making -pajama day! 

Although these pj's may inspire us to bake a few cupcakes too!!