Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Searching for The You We Adore ( a book review)

I must start out by saying this is not a typical post. I don't normally do reviews BUT...
this book has touched our family and is such a beautiful book that I had to share our thoughts!!
 This is truly a book that is a "classic for every heart touched by adoption"
This book is not specific to any one country. This book will be loved by families that have adopted both domestically and internationally.
However we loved it because it does have a beautiful shinny red ribbon aka red thread that runs on each page. Lia loves the red thread and traces it with her finger as we read.
The pictures are beautiful and hold Lia's attention but the words are ....
This is a book that we enjoy reading as much as Lia loves us reading it to her.   
The first day we got this book we read it several times and Lia even woke up in the middle of the night asking for the "red heart" book to help her get back to sleep.
So sweet
Here is a little from the book:
"We dreamt of your smile
your eyes and your nose.
We couldn't wait to hold you
and tickle your toes"  
"We sent our love to Asia
whistling though the leaves,
to see if you were climbing
with the Panda's in the trees" 

 " Our love danced in the skies
with the northern lights,
looking for you snuggling
with the cubs sleeping tight"
To see more of the book go here.

There is even a beautiful website designed to go right along with the book.

This is a must have for all families that have been touched by adoption. You won't regret having this book in your collection. I promise. It is by far the best one we have.
Valarie Westfall so eloquently puts into words the journey of adoption and what we as parents and our families felt while searching for the one we adore.
The images created by Richard Cowdrey in this book capture you from cover to cover and are simply beautiful.

What are you waiting for .....
go get one!


  1. When we announced our adoption last Christmas, my aunt from Texas (who adopted her two children domestically) sent us this book. From the first read to this day, I cannot get through it without tears in my eyes. My aunt actually knows the author, and the illustrator is from Ohio! I called to thank my aunt and mentioned that I particularly loved the shiny red thread running throughout the book and she didn't even realize that was a Chinese proverb. It's not mentioned in the book, but it's exactly what I thought when I saw it, too! I love how it's the only shiny part on the pages and I find myself tracing it with my fingers. Can't wait to have our daughter home to do the same!

    So glad to see that you enjoyed this book! Didn't know about the website, so we'll have to check it out. Thanks for the review. Hopefully more people will pick up this wonderful book.

    ~ Carrie

    Do you guys have Sweet Moon Baby? That's another one that gets me every time, though I know we're not supposed to romanticize the birth parents' situation if we don't really know what it was. Still love the book!

  2. Ally, thank you for your terrific review and for sharing "The You We Adore" with adoptive friends and family through your blog!