Friday, November 1, 2013

Mother Nature was all TRICKS!

Oh what a night ~ it was rainy, windy and chilly.
Mother Nature was all tricks.  
We started off the day with a Halloween Party at school.
 Lia was an OSU Cheerleader.
The school asked that the kids not bring their accessories, for fear of loosing or damaging them. 
And her costume was all accessories so...
a last minute costume change was in order.

Lia had a blast with the pumpkin "guts"
As the day went on the rain came in. Lia was not interested in going out in the wet stuff.

She stood at the door and said "Hello" to all of the kids who braved the weather.
She was not so happy about putting on her costume. She said that the "dress and socks were too itchy" and she didn't like it - at all.
So here is a picture of Lia in her witches costume with out the itchy socks!
Thank God for Kit Kats!!
About 2 seconds later the "dress"- tutu was off..

...And the cheerleader outfit was back on.
So Lia became a witchleader
We saw a break in the rain and attempted to go around the block.
We made it 2 houses and Lia was over it.
Her hat blew off 6 times,
her Hello Kitty umbrella was flying every where
and she cried twice because she couldn't hang on to her
hat, cauldron and umbrella all at the same time.
It started to pour again
Yep, we are quitters!!!
We RAN back home and ate the candy she collected from the 2 houses.
Lia played dress up for hours thanks to Oma's witches hat, glasses and bracelet. 
This is what memories are made of.
Oct 31st 2013- A rainy but fun Halloween


  1. How cute. :) My favorite is the last one.
    Have a blessed week!