Friday, November 29, 2013

Christmas cards..

...Take 10!!

This is round ten of our Christmas cards in the making. 

Lia only wants to wear "the Kitty" pj's. 
Ok let's see how it goes wearing said pj's 

Ok now move closer to the tree 

Ok now look at me- or maybe not 

Ok now look at me ... And smile!! Yay

Ok now ditch the sunglasses, look at me and smile


Not ditching the sunglasses, barely looking at me, not smiling AND not caring that Ernie the Elf is right there watching every moment. 
Better luck next weekend when we go to visit Santa!


  1. Thanks for posting so regularly: it helps keep my morale up while we wait to be matched. And wait... and wait...

    O' course, your little girl would get a smile out of Ebeneezer Scrooge. She seems to be a real hoot!

  2. I love that Lia does her own thing. I think that looking back when she's older, you'll appreciate THESE pictures and your commentary more than perfectly posed smiling pictures anyway! They show Lia being Lia, which is awesome. I feel your frustration, though. It's tough when ordering deadlines are approaching for Christmas cards and some little stinker doesn't want to cooperate. Hang in there, you'll get it!

    Loved your Big Ol' post, by the way. Great pictures!

    ~ Carrie

  3. Oh! I think these would be great for a Christmas card only because they capture her little personality! :) Haha. Still love the photos. xo

  4. Our best pictures tend to be the ones that aren't posed. Those are the ones that end of being everyone's favorites! And, really, who can top Hello Kitty PJs and sunglasses?
    Beautiful photos
    ~Ruth Anne