Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day fun and the many faces of Lia

We had a nice long weekend. We ended our long weekend at the UA art show. 
There was a lot of cool artwork, a marching band, an Oreo Blizzard and a really fun kids craft area! 

Lia made a drum that provides hours of entertainment. 

It was a wood square wrapped with packing tape all around it to make it a drum! She loves it! 

We also practiced making faces. 
Can you guess what each face is? 
Yep.. That's happy!! Next up ...

Yep! That's surprised!! They get a little harder from here. 
That one was sad :( 

Last but not least ... Her fav 
That one?? It's Spooky. It's super cute, she growls and roars!! 

Happy Labor Day. Back to school and work tomorrow.
Bye bye Summer- Hello pumpkin spice lattes fall.

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