Monday, July 15, 2013

My poor baby

Lia fell-big time- this is her first real fall and ouchie!! 

She got quite the boo boo and has required a whole bunch of Dora and Jake band aids (which are basically stickers, the way she plays with them) popsicles, hugs and kisses and resting on the couch with her new bestie- Brobee. 

Boy this girl can work it. 
She is limping one minute, dancing the next! We know it hurts, it's a heck of a bruise, and it tightens up. That's when she feels the need to limp, it's sad and cute all at the same time. 
Here are a few pictures to document this incident- her first big girl tumble and recovery!! 

But she's still showing that sweet smile, sense of humor and laughing -she just told me Brobee needs his diaper changed and she needs another Jake crocodile band aid!!! 

Oh Lia!! 
What's next an "orange pa-sicle" at 7:30am?

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