Friday, July 5, 2013

May the 4th be with you!!

Happy 4th of July ( a day late) 

This was Lia's first time going to the 4th of July parade.

And she loved it!!! She really got into it! Last year she was a little too young but this year she was all in.

She marched with the band and had a ball! 

Even in the rain ! 

After a day of rain, more rain, a nap and more rain the weather cleared!! 
So off to the fireworks we went- another first! She loved it. She loved the colors and the booms. 
Oh ya.. Did I mention that we had more rain? Well, we did and it came back with a vengeance. But that didn't stop us, we found a tree, popped open our umbrellas, made a "tent" and enjoyed the night!! 

I think we liked watching Lia's face more than the fireworks !! 

And with the last set of booms

We got a loud squeal and lots of clapping and this great smile !! 

Oh ya- and daddy got about a million thank you daddy's! I think she thinks this was all daddy's doing! Too cute 

Happy 4th !! 

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  1. She is soooo cute! I can't believe how our girls' hands are like a mirror image of the others! The 4th of July means so much more to us now that we have our girlie and she is an American citizen- makes me really appreciate all that I used to take for granted! Happy Summer to you all!