Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Now everybody stomp your feet

As promised here's the video of Lia marching with the band at the fair. 

Look at her go..... 

Go Lia~ Go Lia ~ Go Lia
We have a dancer on our hands.
She LOVES music and dancing and marching!!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Ohio State Fair

This week we found ourselves taking a night and going to the fair! 
An Ohio tradition since 1850. 

Lia had F.U.N with a capital F. 

Lots of pictures coming up... 

This was our view of the Midway 
from the SkyRide

Lia loved the rides. 
She's our little daredevil. See??? 

And her favorite? The Frog Hopper

She rode the Frog Hopper a few times! Each time more fun than the last. 

Did you know you could get this at the fair? 

What?? A donut (Krispy Kreme) burger!! No we didn't ... but it smelled de-lish. 

We ended the night with the SkyRide.. 

and watching the Ohio State Fair Marching Band!

Be on the look out for the video of Lia marching with the band! 
She was a hit! 
At least mommy and daddy thought so.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Super Lia

Lately Lia has been asking for us to make capes out of towels, sheets, blankets and anything else she can find that resembles a cape. 

We decided our super girl needed a real super hero cape! 

According to her we can now call her "Super Lia"! 

Super Lia does all kinds of things with her new powers and cape.

Here are a few.....  

Go Super Lia !! 

Monday, July 15, 2013

My poor baby

Lia fell-big time- this is her first real fall and ouchie!! 

She got quite the boo boo and has required a whole bunch of Dora and Jake band aids (which are basically stickers, the way she plays with them) popsicles, hugs and kisses and resting on the couch with her new bestie- Brobee. 

Boy this girl can work it. 
She is limping one minute, dancing the next! We know it hurts, it's a heck of a bruise, and it tightens up. That's when she feels the need to limp, it's sad and cute all at the same time. 
Here are a few pictures to document this incident- her first big girl tumble and recovery!! 

But she's still showing that sweet smile, sense of humor and laughing -she just told me Brobee needs his diaper changed and she needs another Jake crocodile band aid!!! 

Oh Lia!! 
What's next an "orange pa-sicle" at 7:30am?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

It's my potty....and I'll cry if I want to

Yep it's a potty post !! 
We've had a few meltdowns this weekend over this potty training stuff. Just a few, more success than not but none the less there have been a few tears. 
Lia loves watching a video about going to the potty. She asks for it every day! 
We love the expressions on her face. 

We think she's thinking:
"Oh my,does that really happen?"

Still not so sure about all this yet! 

She's really getting into it;cuz now it's just funny!! 

She's still trucking along. We are keeping in mind it's called "potty training" - like anything you train for it takes time, practice and more practice. 
Keep on practicing Lia, you can do it! 

Friday, July 5, 2013

May the 4th be with you!!

Happy 4th of July ( a day late) 

This was Lia's first time going to the 4th of July parade.

And she loved it!!! She really got into it! Last year she was a little too young but this year she was all in.

She marched with the band and had a ball! 

Even in the rain ! 

After a day of rain, more rain, a nap and more rain the weather cleared!! 
So off to the fireworks we went- another first! She loved it. She loved the colors and the booms. 
Oh ya.. Did I mention that we had more rain? Well, we did and it came back with a vengeance. But that didn't stop us, we found a tree, popped open our umbrellas, made a "tent" and enjoyed the night!! 

I think we liked watching Lia's face more than the fireworks !! 

And with the last set of booms

We got a loud squeal and lots of clapping and this great smile !! 

Oh ya- and daddy got about a million thank you daddy's! I think she thinks this was all daddy's doing! Too cute 

Happy 4th !!